Tick Tock

Human capacities are incredible. Somehow our bodies can relay a tremendous amount of information to our brains, which then separate the incoming stimuli into what’s important and what doesn’t need attention. We focus on certain things at certain times, then let stimuli fade into the background when we move our attention elsewhere.

Tick. Tick. Tick. There’s hardly a tock. But the new clock in my room kept me up all night with its incessant noise. However, now that I’m attempting to DO something, the ticking fades into the background. I can only hear it when I really listen for it. Instead, I hear the voices of my new roommates, music thudding in the room next to me, and the noise of my own fingers hitting the keys of my laptop.

I came back to Lexington on Thursday of last week and have been acclimating back to apartment life since then. The pool is certainly a nice addition, and I have time to relax and catch up on reading. No work, no school, no worries. Okay, that’s a lie. I can always find something to stress about, whether real or imagined. I’ve been trying to relax more and let life come at its own pace, but it’s a daily struggle with my own worries.

I finally quit my job, which is a relief. Obviously, I’ll undertake new stress once I start the hunt for a new one, but that old one needed to go. No other major life changes so far. Next week I have orientation for my program in communication sciences & disorders, so maybe something will come from that. Apparently I have to be completely vaccinated (although, I will have no patient contact any time soon. The only CD class I’m taking is Anatomy & Physiology of Speech & Hearing), as well as get a background check. I’m not sure what that’s all about, but whatever. Just another fee added on to the college expense. Sigh.

And now silence reigns in the apartment. Tick. Tick. Tick. And the click of the keys. I don’t know whether to relax and take advantage of the quiet or simply waste more time in front of this screen. But for now, my thoughts run dry, so I’ll leave the typing for another day.


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