Playing Catch-up

Once again, this blog has been neglected for a fair amount of time. My spring semester was light on classes, but heavy on other time commitments. It’s been a rough year for my personal life, to say the least, but that subject matter isn’t entirely appropriate for the public sphere. Instead, I’ll focus on the positives. I continued volunteering at a local elementary school, where I bonded with many second graders and kindergarteners of various personalities and appearances. I participated in a kindergarten readiness screener which qualified young ones for an intensive reading intervention, which I have the privilege of evaluating later this summer. And, for the second time, my significant other left me for San Francisco for the summer, leaving me in Lexington to figure out my faux single life. A little less than a month has passed, so I have a good 70 days or so left to go. I started working in retail (again), but at a different store. While the pay is marginally better, I’m hardly getting enough hours to pay rent.

Well, now my invisible readers are caught up on what’s going on in my life. In other news, the GRE is looming in the near future, tormenting me with intense vocabulary and befuddling mathematics. I really should study, but the books lying on my floor are just too daunting. Instead, I’ve managed to finish up the remainder of the published Song of Ice and Fire series, so I anxiously await George R. R. Martin’s sequels. I may have a master’s degree under my belt by the time the sixth book is released.

I feel like I should find some issue to educate myself on and to become passionate about. I’m a warrior without a cause. I’m big on educational equality, but I see both pros and cons in every “solution” to the problems with the American educational system. There are too many gray areas with the important issues. I’m not a terribly political person, but I am a human rights “activist,” I suppose. On social issues, I lean strongly to the left, which may seem strange for an upper middle class woman from suburbia. I’m just rambling at this point, and my narrative is losing all cohesion. My apologies. Perhaps I’ll come up with a more enlightening, well-researched post later in the summer. Perhaps not. We’ll just have to see.


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