Going back through old blog posts from high school has made me realize how much I’ve changed. Perhaps some for the better, some for the worst. Rick Santorum seems to think that higher education is a way to brainwash young minds and transform them into liberal Democrats remade in the image of Obama (who isn’t really that liberal, but that’s another discussion altogether), but I like to think of college as an enlightening experience that exposes these malleable brains to a multiplicity of ideas to form a more well-rounded individual. Granted, my public university experience near the heart of the Bible belt isn’t exactly like an education from the West coast or a New England tutelage. However, I’ve realized 15-year-old Lindsay was extremely closed-minded. In 2006, I made a post about America being “One Nation Under God” and went on a miniature rant in SUPPORT of this maxim. Now, after years of “liberal indoctrination” (which has hardly been liberal, as many of my professors are as conservative or more conservative than my high school teachers), I’ve realized just how false that statement is and should be. America is a diverse nation, and if we would actually follow the idea of religious freedom, we’d realize that Americans are free to be with or without a God. This is not a religious statement; it is purely political. I fail to see why so many Christian Conservatives must integrate their religious preferences with their political opinions. No government entity has a right to force (or even suggest) a religious preference on me, so I just don’t understand why the Christian Right thinks it’s somehow okay (or even mandatory) to include their religion in their politics. They may tout “freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion,” but that doesn’t mean they can make political decisions based on religious doctrine.

This was a very broad topic, and I probably should have addressed a more specific issue. But I saw that post from my past and felt it was necessary to address it and admit that I have become a different person than I used to be.


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