I think I fall in love with the idea of people. There are so many things to love about people. Their quirks, the way they talk, how they structure their sentences, their passions and interests. Taking a peak into someone’s mind gives you a new perspective and opens up hallways in your own mind that were previously barred up. Different experiences, different lives. It’s like reading a book, except real life. 


Why I Stopped Online Dating

I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve said anything about my dating experiences. So here’s a quick summary to catch you up.

A few real life dates happened. First one actually went really well. Nice restaurant, a few drinks afterward…good conversation. I felt awkward, but that’s a given. There were actually multiple dates with the same person afterward, BUT things happened involving the rear bumper on my car (among other things) that made this whole relationship not work out. 

I had only one date with Dude #2. You see, he told me about how he was super into fitness and how he eliminated most of the sugar from his diet. And he totally judged me for drinking sweet tea. I could see it in his eyes. No way, honey. I’m hardly a southerner, but I’m adamant about my sweet tea AND my sugar.

The real reason I got rid of my online dating profile is that I started exclusively dating someone else, someone I met through another online source. Of course, that didn’t really work out either. That wound is still a little fresh, so I won’t elaborate. 

Anyway, online dating got to be overwhelming. Flipping through profiles and reading messages took up too much of my time, and I have precious little free time available as is. I think I’m trying too hard, and the other people I was interacting with were also trying too hard. There’s no point in trying to force something that isn’t going to happen. Online dating might be an awesome resource for some people, and I may go back to it in the future. But it seems like guys in my age range who are using online dating just aren’t what I need. 

Of course, I reserve the right to change my mind at any time. 


She had an unfathomable depth to her soul, as if all of the love and passion of the universe dwelled within her. Her tranquil surface did not betray all that waited beneath. Simplicity disguised the roiling ardor for life and for the living. The waters were much too deep and the undercurrent much too tenacious for a casual encounter, but anyone astute enough to face that ocean might share in the wonderment.